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SpinGold requires a Windows Operating System (98, 2000, XP, Vista) and 15 MB of disk storage space.

SpinGold Roulette Software offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your purchase price refunded

If are not 100% satisfied with SpinGold, we will cheerfully refund your full purchase price within 30 days of the date purchased.

SpinGold Roulette Software is code signed. We guarantee it contains NO VIRUS or MALWARE of any kind.

SpinGold roulette software contains no viruses, spyware or malware of any kind and is digitally signed to guarantee you complete safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We receive questions regarding SpinGold roulette software as well as other general subjects such as the roulette wheel, roulette tips, roulette strategy and how to win at roulette.

If you have a question, suggestion or roulette tip we should include here please contact us.

Roulette Software tracks multple online casino  Can I play in more than one online Casino?

Certainly. SpinGold Roulette Software Companion will track your play in as many online Casinos as you care to play in. Each will have its own history and will be tracked individually.

Don't rely on a roulette system. Track the spins yourself  Do I have to record every spin of the wheel?

No. You are not required to record every spin. However, it is recommended you do, even if you don't place a wager. SpinGold Roulette Software Companion has some unique reporting features and the timing of the numbers hit is taken into account during the creation of the charts and reports.

Roulette Software & Casino Software  Why won't SpinGold automatically record the numbers?

Because the Casino software is running over the internet and using the TCP/IP protocol. The data exchanged with the server host is encrypted and it isn't likely they will share the encryption key with anyone.

Roulette Software remembers top ten roulette numbers  What exactly is "Merlin" telling me?

Every online Casino uses what is called a "Random Number Generator" to produce the winning number for each spin. It isn't unlikely each generator might have a propensity to hit certain numbers "Early" in your wagering session. SpinGold Roulette Software Companion gathers the top ten numbers from every wagering session you have recorded for the Casino and extrapolates the ten numbers that seem to be favored.

SpinGold Roulette Software Companion detects Hot & Cold numbers for you  What are "Hot / Cold" numbers?

The "Hot" numbers are 5 most frequently hit numbers for all wagering sessions for the Casino you have selected to play in. The "Cold" numbers are the 5 least frequently hit numbers.



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