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View number popularity chart for each  casino you play at. Alternatively you may select ALL casinos

Session chart - During your online roulette wagering session you can view the times each number has hit and spins since last hit

During your live roulette betting session quickly view the Five "Hottest" numbers and the Five "Coldest" numbers

Instantly view the last 36 spins of your current betting session. The detail includes Half / 12's / Section counts

When you play in your casino each roulette wheel spin is recorded using the simple Session Number Recorder. The recorder tracks a variable number of continuous spins expressing the results graphically.

Expand the session recorder window to instantly display each numbers Hit / Miss detail. The list includes the number of times each number has hit as well as the number of spins since each number last hit.

Session Recorder Options

Review "Spin History" for each Casino

Review "Hit Chart" by individual Casino or optionally All Casinos

Record wagering sessions for "Unlimited" number of Casinos

First "Ten" spins for each session by Casino

Another view of the play history for each Casino

Let Merlin suggest numbers that frequently hit early in the session

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